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Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Nicole James is a Clinical Nutritionist with a passion to educate.  She delivers highly informative presentations on all things Nutrition. She has worked with government departments, not-for-profit organisations and businesses of all sizes across South Australia, to help them better understand the important relationship between food, health and performance in the workplace.


Example topics include:

  • “Nutritional Medicine and its importance in our everyday lives”

  • “Fuelling your brain for business success” - what has nutrition got to do with mental health?

  • “The Gut – the centre to your wellbeing”

  • “Food for weight, health, longevity and mental focus”

  • “Eating to reduce the risk of chronic disease”

‘Your employees are your most valuable asset so providing them with the tools to make healthier choices will not only improve their health but also increase productivity and morale in the workplace’

Nutrition challenge (running over 6-8 weeks)

The challenge involves weekly workshops on why our lifestyle is so important to our health, mental clarity, productivity at work and in everyday life.  The challenge is both educational and practical.  Staff will learn step by step why and how to change their eating habits.  This can be paired with EANP program below.

Employee Assistance Nutrition program (EANP)

One on one individualised consulting with staff, to improve any health issue, mental health, stress or weight loss.  This is offered on site at your business or privately via skype, face time or phone.

12-month contracts are available and can be paired with 8-week nutrition challenge and presentations for a complete partnership with Fundamental Nutrition.

‘It doesn’t take long to identify when someone has mastered their topic compared to someone who has just learnt their topic. When I first heard Nicole James’s message I was quickly impressed by the freshness, depth of knowledge and different angles of the message. As someone who can struggle for work life harmony myself at times, Nicole spoke seamlessly to both my work and life performance. Although I had a lengthy career previously in the fitness industry myself, and indeed presented on similar topics, Nicole’s message was original, educational and inspiring. I subsequently invited Nicole to speak to a group of 30 of my clients who are all in business and the message was again very well received. Nicole is an engaging speaker with expert knowledge, which makes for a stimulating presentation on a well-worn topic with plenty of upside for those people and businesses who follow her advice.’

Simon Starr, Head of performance coaching at Hood Sweeney

'We first met Nicole in Jan 2018 when we invited her to present a Gut Health Seminar to staff.  This was the only session we’ve ever had where the questions and discussion were still happening almost an hour later!  We decided to have her back to teach us more but this time we booked 8 sessions so that we could really delve deeper.  The sessions were customised to suit our needs and the feedback from staff was consistently good.  Staff told me that they had never learnt so much at any of our previous health initiatives and they loved how the information was pitched.  Having attended many nutrition related sessions previously, staff really felt like these sessions gave them new information and helped cut through some of the myths and confusion around healthy eating.  They loved the mind/body connection too.  Nicole’s sessions were the only course style of offering where the numbers of attendees at each session grew, due to word of mouth instead of declined’. 

City of Charles Sturt Council

Corporate Testimonials 


Personal Nutrition Consults 

Nicole’s philosophy is to look for the reason why the body isn’t performing the way it should, and wherever possible, use Food as medicine to address each individual’s specific situation

Initial Consult (1 hour) - $170

Follow-up consults (up to 45 mins) - $120


Consults are offered via Teams, Zoom or phone

Nicole’s consults are tailored to address each person’s specific situation. Using Food as medicine, along with addressing things such as stress and environmental toxins, Nicole passionately believes that this holistic approach will provide us all with the foundation for a healthier and happier life.


Nicole has studied the nutritional biochemistry of the way foods interact with our body. Everything you put in your mouth, every thought and everything you do every day has an impact on your health.  We consist of thousands of biochemical pathways that create our thoughts, helping us to feel good, controlling our moods, produce our hormones, produce and control pain and inflammation, allow us to detox and keep our immune system working.  The list goes on and on.  It is when these pathways go wrong that we start to feel unwell.

Nicole helps you to identify what could be going wrong, depending on your symptoms and helps you to correct it.


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