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Is healthy eating just for weight loss??

We often only associate eating well with the desire to lose weight.  Where has this come from?  Why is healthy eating a sometimes thing and only about weight loss?  Why does healthy eating get noticed like it is NOT the norm? 

You order a salad on the menu or you ask for vegetables instead of chips and people say 'oh your good', or 'are you on a diet?'.  You refuse sweets because you choose not to laden your body with sugar that has been shown to cause many chronic diseases and you get asked 'how come you don't want dessert?', 'you got to die of something' or 'I'm here for a good time not a long time'.

Now I'm not saying I never have a glass of wine or never eat chocolate etc... but I 'choose' to respect my body with good food choices most of the time.  This is not a chore for me - it is a way of life and I don't get upset by not being able to have certain foods.  I also don't judge you for what you choose to eat either if that is what is working for you and your health. But I will say this.....

It would be my absolute wish if we could understand that many chronic diseases are because of the food choices we make.  We will never find a 'cure' in the form of a tablet or pill because the absence of that tablet or pill is not why we have the disease.  If only we could all understand that just like pharmaceutical companies study the biochemistry of the body in order to develop drugs, these same biochemical pathways are studied in nutrition and they are enhanced by nutrients to make those pathways work.

'We will never find a 'cure' in the form of a tablet or pill because the absence of that tablet or pill is not why we have the disease.'

So when you put trust in your doctor by taking the pill that has been prescribed by him/her that will help to stop a biochemical pathway in your body to improve 'symptoms' of illness...... remember that there is always a way to use nutrition to also stop a process from occurring as well.

I personally eat for my health, not my weight.  Your weight will always sort itself out when your biochemical pathways are working due to being fed the right nutrition.

So when someone is ordering the 'healthier' option perhaps they do see past 'body image' and are on the road to a lifestyle of preventative health.   

Just like we easily accept someone who has joined the gym or decided to bring more exercise into there lives, we need to accept that it is the 'norm' to eat well.  It is not the norm to eat badly.  Only society has created that with marketing and big business/profits at stake. 

We can not go against mother nature and when we do...... THIS is the cause of illness and chronic disease.  Weight gain is only part of that.

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