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Why have me at your workplace?

So I'm a nutritionist..... most of you have a pretty sound idea of what that means.  You may have ideas about me preaching on what you should and shouldn't eat, and if I sat down with you may want to ask me about what I eat, what I recommend and why. 

You may squirm in your seat thinking 'I don't do any of that' or you may not agree with my ideas on true health and longevity.  You may also think that you are pretty healthy anyway and do not need to listen to someone rant and rave about kale and blueberry smoothies.  You may be interested, or you may not even care.........  It is a subject that brings out a lot of emotion, thought (or not)... because of the relationship we have everyday with food.  

Food is not a sometimes thing.... we need it to survive, to curb those hunger pangs and to socialise and enjoy with our loved ones.  It is an experience.  But it is also a very important one.  Want to know why and really why?  Well that's what my talks/presentations are about.

The 'why' is what will make you think differently everyday.  It may make you view food differently and have the most impact on you changing habits.  The 'why' is the science behind what happens (or doesn't happen) every time you eat.

This is the key to understanding why food is important.  Everyone deserves to know this and everyone should understand this. 

This is what I teach, this is what I love and this is why you should have me at your workplace.

Ph. 0478 295 595 or email at for more information.

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1 Comment

Aug 19, 2020

Hi Nicole, I made the Gluten Free Rolls and they were delicious. Will definitely make them again.

Emanuela (Green Monkeys)

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