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Meet Adelaide Nutritionist - Nicole James

Who would have thought that nutrition would be my passion 20 years ago when I started work in the pharmaceutical industry?  Back then I just knew I wanted to make a difference to people's health.  So after completing a Bachelor of Science at Adelaide University I was employed as a research assistant at one of the big public hospitals in South Australia, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.   At that stage I really did not know what I wanted to do with my life. 

Working in this job helped me identify one major thing - I loved working and helping people on their journey to better health, even though it was not in the same capacity that I would be doing so today.

After a few years I went on to work as a Clinical Research Associate where I would monitor Clinical Drug Studies and then later as a Medical Rep in the pharmaceutical industry.  This was a fantastic job.  I built wonderful relationships with GPs, specialists, nurses and pharmacists across Australia.  I received so much training in business, sales, presentation skills and in the health and hospital system.  I learnt so much from doctors and gained a lot of respect for what they do.

However, for me something was always missing.  I saw how diseases were becoming so much more complex and doctors were being left with treating patients mostly through medication.  The 'busyness' of hospitals were not allowing doctors to spend the quality time that patients needed in order to be understood and educated on how to look after themselves.

I decided to leave the pharmaceutical industry and study nutritional medicine because I wanted to provide that support and understanding that was often missing.  I also wanted to educate people on how they can take control and improve their health with lifestyle changes.  Watching my husband go through his own challenges with seizures and fatigue and seeing how changing his lifestyle has helped his health substantially, this drove me to exploring the science behind nutrition.

I have learnt that every biochemical pathway in the body is usually enhanced with a nutrient.  If this is fundamental physiology, why are we not looking at nutrients to heal disease?  Why are we not educating everyone that nutrients make your body work correctly?  Why are we making food in a factory?  Why are we not reducing sugar and trans fats?  Why are we allowing food companies to label something as healthy when it is not?

My absolute passion is to educate you.  My passion is to help your biochemistry do what it should.  My passion is to reach many and educate not only individuals but businesses so they can get the most out of their workers.  My goal is to be that example and to live and breath what I preach.  

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